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The Baxter Project


Baxter Circumnavigation


The What:

From January 31st to February 7th, 2017, 4 friends and myself set out to circumnavigate Baxter State Park in northern Maine. We skied. We snowshoed. It was cold. We had fun. 

I was fortunate enough to work with some great companies and organizations to share our trip with a broad audience. In the end, I wrote some blogs,  had a few Instagram takeovers, and wrote an article for Cross Country Skier Magazine, but what I learned the most was that trips like this were awesome and I wanted to do more.


The Why:

I'd been working with Good To-Go for about a year. I proposed doing a longer trip, one where we could really get out there, and tell a compelling story while highlighting the delicious food that they create.

As both newcomers to the scene, we decided it was best to keep things local to cut down on costs. That's when I started looking at maps and realized it would be cool to travel around Baxter State Park in the winter. I'd already taken a few trips into the park to climb ice and sleep in bunkhouses, but a long trip in distance and duration was very tempting.


The Images:

links to blogs:

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Brand Partners:

- Ibex

- JetBoil

- Grandy Oats

- Voltaic Systems

- Alpine Start Foods

- Good To Go

- Osprey Packs

- Adventure Medical Kits

- Lowa Boots 

- DemerBox